SMS Capture

Phone thieves use stolen phones to send and receive sms posing as you. With SMS Tracker you'll see all SMS messages sent or received on an Android phone, even those that may have been deleted.
See Target's SMS inbox and sent messages
Read full contents of all messages
See details such as contact names and numbers associated with SMS messages
Get time and date stamps

Surrounding Record

Surrounding recording allows you to set the time period to record and you then set it, forget and relax as whozin records their device surroundings and then upload it to your online dashboard. This feature is especially good for areas where kidnapping for ransom is. You can listen with ease to what is being said around the phone.
Record from 5 minutes up to 1 hour at a time
Simply set the duration to record from inside your whozin account and whozin does the rest

Call Recording

Record all incoming and outgoing calls
Record call to or from specific contacts only
All recordings are uploaded to your online Dashboard
Download your recordings or listen directly from the Dashboard .

GPS Location Capture

Whozin allows for complete control over the tracking and location of the device. Using whozin location tracking feature you can easily and quickly track the device from inside your online account. What's more is that whozin allows you to view the historical location of the device allowing you to instantly see a path of all the known places that the device has been. This information allows you to then quickly see where the device has been over a specified period of time.

Whozin APP works to always learn and update itself so its users can benefit from anything new in the Smartphone and internet world. We want to create an interactive relationship with our users, and so we have a 24/7 Customer Support who are always ready to serve and troubleshoot problems, whatever they may be. We are also responsive, continually improving and evolving.


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