WHOZ will take connecting to another level

simple \\ streamlined \\ effective

1\\ Capture

Easily import your personal and professional contacts. If you are a member or employee of a partner organization, you will be able to easily access the directory to add contacts as you make connections or just share activities to the group by broadcasting a meetup. You decide the level of connection you wish to have with each contact including those in shared communities, conferences, organizations and just your regular contacts. Develop deeper connections by having access to your contact's professional and education details, shared interests, family names and ages, dietary restrictions and personal notes and/or tags of things you want to make sure to remember as well. The ultimate social and professional cheat sheet.

2\\ Personalize

Personalize your profile by selecting the activities you are interested in doing. Soccer, golf, happy hour, hiking, playdates, charitable causes, running...share with your contacts what you love to do (and they may end up inviting you do them as well). You can tag your contacts by the same activities to expedite meetups you want to create on shared interests. And of course, the more you share in your profile the more your contacts will step up to their ultimate social A-game. If you are tired of getting invited to do things that you have zero interest in and/or wishing you were invited to more activities you DO have an interest in, then take 5 minutes and complete your interests in your profile. You'll only know who you have shared interests by sharing your own.

3\\ Connect

Whether you are an organizer or a joiner of an activity, the whoz platform simplifies connections with great features like polling the best time/location, a communication board for those attending, seeing attendees' food restrictions or having a waitlist if space is limited. And if you want to send a personal invite to some contacts and more casually broadcast the activity as a meetup for another group you can do that as well. And there is no requirement to download an app. The beta version is mobile-friendly and the following release will have a mobile app available. And perhaps one of the best features is you have a way to know who else is free where and when you are!

“We humans are social beings. We come into the world as the result of others’ actions. We survive here in dependence on others. Whether we like it or not, there is hardly a moment of our lives when we do not benefit from others’ activities. For this reason it is hardly surprising that most of our happiness arises in the context of our relationships with others.”

-The Dalai Lama


Well really it's quite simple. The tools businesses use to communicate and connect like Slack, WhatsApp, Yammer, MS Teams, FB groups, texts, and email are not designed to connect people to actually DO SOMETHING. They do a great job of what they were designed to do, but physical, social connection is not it.  For example, if someone wants to get team members together for a fun run, they might post it in a variety of places which not only becomes noise for people who not only don't run, but also for those who don't even live in the area.  And then for those that are interested another line of communication needs to be started to coordinate offline and managing people coming and going in that new communication thread becomes a chore. 


When connecting becomes a hassle, people tend to not do it.

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Community outreach within an organization would be so much more impactful if employees and members were able to easily connect with one another and share the experience.

Celeste Trapp
Founder - Whoz