Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my organization on the beta?

We would love to hear about your organization and share how whoz can help connect your employees or members, in-person.  Sign up here to be and we will connect with you.

How can Whoz be used at conferences?

Conferences are a fantastic place to make new connections and reconnect with old friends. But often complications around coordinating meeting up make it happen less often than it could. Imagine being at a conference and seeing everything going on from excursions to dinner to after hours party - all in one place. See the profiles of who's going and connect with the new friends you make easily. Conferences that partner with Whoz can promote (simple QR posters around the conference will do it) a community group where attendees can broadcast a meetup for drink or dinner or even an pre/post conference excursion. Even the most outgoing people don't like to walk up to strangers and invite them out for dinner but with Whoz it's easy to join in and make a meaningful connection. 

Why is the whozcal feature such a big deal?

Possibly one of the most exciting features is whozcal. Have you ever had a free night or weekend and wondered who else might be free for some fun? Or maybe you traveled to another city for business or pleasure and had some extra time that could have been more fun spent with someone else? Whozcal allows users to indicate specific days and times they are free for personal, family friendly and/or business connections and in what city. The user can also indicate which of their contacts will be able to see this availability. Then you can find out which of your contacts has shared availability and you can shoot a message and bam - you now have a connection that likely would not have been made. 

How will organizations utilize Whoz?

Companies and associations can either provide API access to their directory to be accessible to their user groups OR they can elect to have their users complete their profiles directly within Whoz, including their interests they would like to connect with others on and their contact information. The beauty of Whoz is employees and members of partner organizations can directly invite or broadcast meetups and target only those who are going to be in the location and/or who have an interest in the activity. This reduces noise by people posting possible meetups on global boards where the large majority are too far away or uninterested in the activity. The more noise the more people disengage from the board.

How is Whoz different than Evite, Meetup or Facebook etc?

There are many differences, but the biggest would be that Whoz will be able to connect users with their personal contacts and/or their associations' directory based on search criteria like shared interests and geographical area or community groups. This is not an app for connecting strangers, however people have an opportunity to meet new friends in communities (like an association, yoga studio, company) that you haven't met yet. Friends with a common bond that you just haven't met yet!  Whoz also offers a more casual way to bring people together by broadcasting meetups instead of, or in additio to, directly sending emails or texts. For example, you may want to invite close friends to a concert in the park but knowing that more the merrier decide you would also like to more casually broadcast the activity as well and possibly see more friends at the event. And they will appreciate knowing about it! 

Will people I invite to an event have to have an account?

No account is required to respond to an invite, although guests without an account will not be able to view the communications board or see attendees profiles.  The beauty of having an account (completely free as well) is that you have access as mentioned above and you also can create a profile that shares your interests and other information that your friends might find useful like your partner and children's names, your payment accounts and dietary restrictions. 

Will Whoz have a mobile app?

Absolutely! The beta will be a mobile-friendly web app and the next release will have an Apple and Android mobile app option.

Will companies be able to be included in the beta?

We are currently looking for a few organizations to roll out our beta program. This will offer a great opportunity for these partners to help make Whoz fit their needs to a tee as their feedback will be used for the next release. For consideration, please complete this request.

Are you looking for investors?

Most definitely. Please reach out here and let's connect!