Frequently Asked Questions

How can I demo Whozin?

Whozin is currently in development and is going to have the beta release Winter of 2022/23. Sign up here to be contacted when it is released!! 

How will organizations utilize Whozin?

Companies and associations can either provide API access to their directory to be accessible to their user groups OR they can elect to have their users complete their profiles directly with Whozin, including their interests they would like to connect with others on and their contact information.

How is Whozin different than Evite or similar programs?

There are many differences, but the biggest would be that Whozin will be able to connect users with their personal contacts and/or their associations' directory based on search criteria like shared interests and geographical area, whether that is based on GPS mode while traveling or their home base. 

Will people I invite to an event have to have an account?

No account is required to respond to an invite. 

Will Whozin have a mobile app?

Absolutely! The beta will be a web app and the next release will have an Apple and Android mobile app option.

Will companies be able to be included in the beta?

We are currently looking for a few organizations to roll out our beta program. This will offer a great opportunity for these partners to help make Whozin fit their needs to a tee as their feedback will be used for the next release. For consideration, please complete this request.

Are you looking for investors?

Most definitely. Please reach out here and let's connect!