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I was born to organize, not just my cupboards (I am a Virgo after all), but my social calendar and everyone else's for that matter! I realized several years back that my life purpose is to help people connect. It is in my blood and I love it. I especially love seeing the positive impact my gift of bringing people together has on others. The idea for Whoz came to me from a combination of various hurdles that I had to jump while getting people together. It took over ten years to be able to make my vision reality and step aside from my "day job" as President, (and CTO, CMO and Chief Lightbulb Changer) of a chain of salons in Portland, OR (HairM.com and ChromePdx.com) that I started in 2003. 

I have partnered with a top development firm to bring Whoz to the market and can't wait to see how many more people I can help connect with this amazing tool. What I have learned and endured as a social organizer has enabled me to visualize and make reality an app that will make all organizers and joiners happy!

Let's connect so I can tell you more!

Celeste Trapp
Founder \\ CEO, Whoz